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August 08 2012


Gadget Cash

GadgetCash – Philly’s best way to get easy Local Cash for the latest Gadgets
GadgetCash Buys Used or Broken Gadgets in Philly – Only the latest and best items
Looking to Sell Your high end Gadgets in Philly?  GadgetCash will buy them from you for cash!
GadgetCash buys iPhones in Philly for cash
GadgetCash buys Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs and other high end Gadgets in Philly
GadgetCash in Philly Buys iPads and Xoom Tablets as well as other tablets, Phones and gadgets

Gadget Cash

GetgetCash Buys Ultrabooks and other high end laptops and Gadgets in Philly for CASH

GadgetCash Philly
At GadgetCash, they meet you locally around Philly and buy your recent gadgets, new, used, or broken.  iPads, the top end 4G smartphones, Macbook Air, Pro, and Unibody, Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras, Ultrabooks, HD camcorders, and other gadgets.  You can get their number to call or text for a price and to set up a time to meet up, at their website, http://www.GadgetCash.net – there is also a price list on there, so you can check and make sure you are on the same page as far as prices.  Since they are re-sellers, they obviously can’t give as much as you could get selling it on eBay.  But they give pretty decent prices for giving easy cash today.

Check out some fun videos they have made at on youtube:

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